Testimonial #6

Beautiful, spacious home in a gorgeous setting. It’s a privilege to get out of hotels and live here in this wonderful place if only for a few days. Comfortable king size beds, ceiling fans everywhere and AC for when you need it. Open concept, well stocked kitchen, floor to ceiling windows, big outdoor dining space and indoor as well. Wonderful library. The house is in a secluded, quiet spot with a caretaker living directly outside the gate and a hostess living nearby. Both are lovely, competent people who quickly helped us with everything we needed. It’s a treat to stay, if you have the chance, take it! I only hope I have the chance to return. (A word in response to the person who mentioned mosquitos. The house is fully screened and we had none inside at any time. At dusk I saw one outside in the garden but certainly there are no more mosquitoes here than anywhere else on Bohol. Staying here you will want to take the same precautions you take throughout your trip.)

Kathleen - December 2018

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